Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Traveling is sometimes hard when doing it on a budget. You have grand plans for what you want to do and where you want to go, but a two week Europe vacation isn’t quite in your budget. Don’t stress with these simple tips you can still have fun on your vacation without breaking the bank, or maxing out your credit cards.

  1. Decide on Your Budget

This is the most important thing that you do. Realistically decide how much you can spend on vacation. You look forward to vacation all year long, so you don’t want stressing over money to ruin your time. Knowing how much money you have beforehand can keep you from stressing later.

  1. Cars, Planes, or Trains

Are you going to drive somewhere or are you going fly? Driving has the added benefit of saving a lot of money on airfare. Plane tickets are expensive. The negative side of driving is that part of your vacation is spent in the car. Road trips can be fun, however if you only have a week and you want to go to the opposite side of the country, you will probably have to fly and that will have to be figured into the budget. Another option is to take a train to your destination. Train tickets are more reasonable that airfare, but you still have to figure in the time it takes to get to the destination. While faster than driving, they are not faster than flying.

  1. Look for Like Destinations

If you want to take that European vacation, but just cannot afford it, think about what exactly you are looking to get out of the vacation. You can pick somewhere closer that will be cheaper, but still have the same feel. For example, if your heart was set on Paris, try planning a vacation in Quebec. Quebec is a French-speaking country in Canada. It has many wonderful options for traveling on a budget and, if you have to fly, the airfare will not be as costly. You get the French experience, without breaking the bank. This works with beaches as well. While Galveston and Gulf Shores tend to be overly popular, there are many other beach front towns that you can stay at for cheaper.

  1. Choose Your Times Wisely

Many popular vacation destinations have off-peak and peak vacationing times. If you choose to take your vacation during off-peak times, you can save several hundreds of dollars. If you have children, it may not be possible to travel during off-peak times. Most of the time peak times are when kids are out of school, but there are some exceptions to this and you should check your destination to see. The cheapest days to fly are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. You can also save on airfare if you have to fly on the red eye. Therefore, if you can plan your vacation to start on a Tuesday in the very early hours of the day, you may save a bundle on your flight.

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